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Consultas is a specialist maritime software provider. Our solutions are an invaluable tool for many of the world’s leading maritime companies, helping them to improve both overall safety and general ship management, whilst simultaneously reducing operational costs.

We are primarily a maritime company, employing the latest information technology to develop quality solutions in line with our customers’ real needs and requirements. Over 30 years of experience, combined with a solid understanding of daily maritime operations, enables us to create innovative solutions that are simple to operate, logical and reliable.

Consultas is all about making connections. In our role connecting ships and shore offices, we bridge the gap between the maritime and IT industries, connecting people in their daily work and communications. Our long experience, stable ownership structure and dedicated team means that when choosing Consultas, you can rely on a solid connection!

C-Loading is one of the key products in the range. This Loading software surpasses the current industry standards for load calculations onboard most type of ships and rigs, and provides users with safe and efficient tool for calculations and production of reports.

In summer 2010, Jotron Consultas will release the 4th generation of the Windows-based fleet management software.  The software modules are designed to assist and support the crew with typical ship management tasks onboard, sending selected reports to shore offices for further processing on a fleet level.

Our ethos is all about making connections. In our role of connecting ships and shore offices, we bridge the gap between the Maritime and IT industries, connecting people in their daily work. Our long experience, stable ownership and dedicated team ensure that when you choose Jotron Consultas, you can rely on a solid connection!

Loading Computer

Consultas Loading Computer in version 4 “C-LOADING” is a Loading Computer system, in which all calculations are based on a 3D geometric model of the hull and inner structure.

C-LOADING is a modular software system consisting of a wide range of function modules which can be assembled together with great flexibility. The modularity yields a Loading Computer solution which is tailored to the needs and requirements of each particular vessel type.

C-LOADING´s main features are as follows:
• Calculation of dead weight and displacement
• Calculation and monitoring of floating position
• Calculation and monitoring of intact stability
• Calculation and monitoring of longitudinal and local strength
• Calculation of damage stability
• Extensive cargo calculations for oil and gas
• Extensive reporting functionality
• Online interfaces to tank level gauging systems and other ship systems
• Planning while the online condition is running continuously in the background
• All calculations are carried out on the basis of a 3D geometric model of the hull and its inner structure
• Office solutions providing the possibility to easily switch between the various ships, exchange loading conditions with individual ships and to reproduce the onboard loading conditions exactly and vice versa.

Consultas Fleet Management Software

We offer a wide variety of solutions to assist users’ working processes within planned maintenance, inventory management, procurement, QSE, documentation, forms, certificates, voyage reporting and fleet operations.

Consultas Fleet Management Software suite version 4 represent a new generation software for our clients. Built on a SQL platform the database contains a rewrite of previous solutions, but with strengthened capabilities to support;
– all fleetsizes
– centralised and decentralised management
– two-ways flow of data
– modernised with typical Consultas user friendliness
– centrally rolebased user administration
… and with automatic upgrade from previous versions

The software comes with a dashboard functionality containing system info, user admin and setup.

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