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We have the widest material range specifically for oilfield applications. Besides all AS568 sizes, we have hundreds of custom molded O-ring sizes and we are able to offer fully molded O-ring to ANY cross-section and ANY Outer Diameter.
Encapsulated O-Ring
Encapsulated O-Rings
The encapsulated O-ring leverages on the advantages of a chemically resistant PTFE jacket over a low-compression set elastomer core. This resulted in excellent properties for a wide range of demanding applications. The encapsulated O-ring is far more cost competitive compared to FFKM O-ring. Encapsulated O-rings are primarily used as static seal. Depending on application, the elastomer core is typically Silicone or Viton.
O-Ring Backup
O-RIng Backup
Backup is an anti-extrusion device for O-Rings. Backups are recommended for all applications dealing with pressure exceeding 1,000psi. We stock a wide range of sizes with materials like NBR, Viton, Nylon, PPS, and PTFE.
Seal Kits
Seal Kits
Parts can be pre-packaged in individual bags with part numbers, then assembled for field replacement kits labeled as required in either a zip-lock bag or specially designed boxes with customer specified names and part numbers.



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