ZincTape Anti-Corrosion System

ZincTape Anti-Corrosion System


ZincTape® consists of a high pureness zinc-tape (> 99,95% of the chemical mass of zinc) with a nominal
thickness of 0,08 mm. This tape is supplied with a > 0.025 mm thick adhesive, which can resist continuous operating temperature of 80° C and which reacts under electro-conductive pressure. The adhesive layer is covered by a siliconised paper, which protects the band from getting damaged or polluted until the tape is applied.

ZincTape® is designed to cover the surface of iron, steel, aluminium and light metals in order to protect them from corrosion. This is achieved by pressing it on the surface that needs to be protected from corrosion. This method is commonly known as “Laminar Zinc Coating”.

The adhesive coat, which is applied only on one side of the zinc tape, consists of a matrix of adhesive and a percentage of zinc powder. Through the addition of zinc powder we have achieved the most important effect, which is making the adhesive itself electro conductive. This process allows the adhesive to create an electrical couple between the surface that needs to be protected and the zinc tape, so that the zinc can act as galvanic anode.

As a consequence of the unique manufacturing process and the high pureness of the employed zinc, the band has an absolutely homogeneous and isotropic microstructure, which cannot be found in other protection systems.

For this reason, any pitting or any form of local corrosive attacks are avoided. Therefore we can state that, owing to the following features:

• stopping any direct corrosion;
• active anticorrosive protection thanks to the electrical contact between the surface to be protected and the zinc layer, which, in the presence of an electrolyte, reacts as a sacrificial anode;
• presence of an adhesive layer, anchored on the surface to be protected, which is an additional defense against corrosion.

The coating with our zinc layer assures a cathodic protection of metallic surfaces for a time, that, in most cases, is equal or longer than the lifetime of the structure to be protected.

Application fields

  • Lamp Post – Lamp post are protected by ZincTape, on the base that is the critical part of the surface. The coating is usually carried out by qualified applicators or by the supplier of metallic poles.
  • Automotive – Protection of window borders, chassis, roofs and other areas where water can seep through. For hinges and car doors or other particular hot spots ZincTape can offer special shapes based on the client’s needs and made on purpose to avoid corrosion problems.
  • Oil & Gas – Pipes and out-of-ground pipes. Sea platforms, harbour structures, wharves, piers and off-shore platforms Above-ground apparatus and components of refineries.

ZincTape is environmental friendly and it is available in different sizes and thicknesses.



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